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vler Healthcare Consulting, EHC, believes that an opportunity for hospital revenue increases exists in the highly complex (specialty/proprietary) services that are available through a limited number of providers. 

In contrast to commodity services, specialty/proprietary services depend on a hospital’s capability to care for patients with complex needs. Some examples of proprietary services range from high risk obstetrical services to neurological services. Due to highly specialized nature of this services, they cannot be easily provided by the average competitor; therefore the provider/hospital supplying such services is automatically differentiated from its pairs. 

The corollary of this situation is that the buyer/consumer cannot shop by price because these specialty/proprietary services are not available elsewhere.

Evler Healthcare Consulting, EHC, is led and owned by John Evler, who organized and managed Insurance Service Pricing for Seton and the Seton Health Plan as its President and COO from its creation and licensure in 1995 through 2009. Evler and his associates have extensive hospital and physician practice management experience in finance and managed care contract, pricing and contract negotiation.

EHC's Scope of Service
Evler Healthcare Consulting, EHC, specializes in:

  • Strategic Pricing of Hospital and Physician Services Managed Care Contracts  — stand alone and Accountable Care Organizational models 
  • Revenue optimization —through management and negotiation of FFS contracts, population based managed care contracts and CDM pricing
  • Profitability —through service line analysis and associated revenue increases and corresponding expense reduction
  • Working with Planning and Finance departments to identify revenue lifts in managed care contracts
  • Reducing contracting administrative costs

About John Evler
John Evler joined Seton as Vice President and Executive Director of the Seton Physician Hospital Network (SPHN) in 1992, developing the PHO from its initial 30 physician members to a physician network of over 2100 members. SPHN has 25 managed care contracts representing almost 300,000 health plan members in central Texas.

At John Evler’s departure from Seton he had left behind a plan that manages care for: Central Texas Medicaid clients; the uninsured patients of Seton Family of Hospital’s that encompasses 16 emergency rooms and clinics, a 23,000 Seton Network Employees Health Plan, the Clients of the Central Texas CHIP program; a Medicare Advantage contract; and Clients of the Travis County Health Care District.

Today, Evler Healthcare Consulting, EHC has several major healthcare systems as clients, —EHC works in complex organizations ranging from teaching organizations to critical access hospitals.

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